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Tongues are beginning to wag…

Pam Kelley, a book editor at the Charlotte Observer is writing about my little book in her blog. Thank you, Ms. Kelley!



Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte…

Heading to Charlotte…Book signing Sunday, Feb. 19 at Park Road Books. 2 p.m. I will be the fellow at the podium desperately trying to convince the mob that, yes, really, I like Charlotte. Adore Charlotte! Uptown is a satire. Seriously :)

To all my friends in the area, please come. Would love to see you!

Here’s the link:



Happy return to Chapel Hill

Great news. My debut book signing event for Uptown will be in Chapel Hill at Flyleaf Books. So, all my friends, and cousins!, in the Triangle mark your calendars: Saturday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. Hope to see you all there! 

Flyleaf Books: 752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd  (Historic Airport Rd.), Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 942-7373



In my hot little hands, and soon to be in yours…

My author copies of Uptown just arrived…So, dear readers, your books should arrive within the next week or so. The printing looks great, so kudos to my publisher, Mint Hill Books of Main Street Rag Publishing. Okay, so plenty of time to get those Christmas orders in! Spread the word!



Celebrate the holidays…

Great news—the publishing date for Uptown has been bumped up, from December 27 to December 6. Plenty of time now for holiday gifts! Thanks so much to all of you who have already pre-ordered your copies of Uptown. Nothing spells happiness, for a small press taking a chance on a debut novel, like strong advance sales :)  

To order online from Main Street Rag Publishing, please visit my Author’s Page for details:



Uptown moves forward…

As many of you (but not all, hence this posting) already know from my recent email, the projected release date for Uptown is December 27. Uptown is now available for advance orders, and the response so far has been fantastic. If advance sales remain strong, possibly the release date will be earlier. For those of you who have already ordered, thanks! And please share the news with your Facebook friends, especially those of you for whom a gathering of your friends would require a convention center. Mine could meet in a local lodge :)

Uptown will sell for $14.95, but you can buy it for $9 (plus taxes and shipping, depending on quantity ordered) directly from the MSR Online Bookstore. To order online from the publisher, please visit my Author’s Page for details:

MSR Online Bookstore

Coming Soon Page

Also note: Uptown may also be ordered without using Paypal, but the price is $12.50/book (including taxes & shipping) regardless of the quantity ordered. Credit card purchases should call 704-573-2516 between 9am and 5pm (Eastern time), M-F. The mailing address for payment by check is:  Main Street Rag, PO Box 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227-7001.

Thanks everyone!




@jackwgardner is pleased to share the cover, just complete in preparation for distribution this fall. 



Review from Julie Rold, award-winning playwright and author of Foreign Lands, Familiar Places.

Uptown, Jack Gardner’s fascinating and multifaceted portrait of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a remarkable debut novel, impressive both in its scope and its ambition.  It brings new, much-needed insight into the life of a distinctive American city at a unique time in its history, and has much to say about the changing landscape of all of the New South.   The novel is entertaining, funny, moving, sensitive, wonderfully written—all the things we want the best fiction to be—but its most wonderful achievement is its humanity.  No aspect of modern life seems to escape Gardner’s attention.  His portrayals of the many dramas of Charlotte’s citizens—social-climbing housewives, businessmen in mid-life crises, small-time politicians, ministers, drunks, over-sexed teenagers, academics, grandmothers, West Coast exiles—reveal the dreams and heartaches of men and women living in a city that is caught between its desire to embrace a new identity on a global stage and the fear of the changes that this new identity might bring.

Uptown. About the novel.

"In a world of illusions, which is worse? The lies we tell each other, or the lies we tell ourselves?"

When Stephen Rayfield, a young, gay history professor, attends a dinner party in Charlotte, North Carolina, he stumbles onto a social minefield. Pretense. Betrayal. Sexual confusion. Who doesn’tlove Charlotte?! Uptown is a mix of Edith Wharton and Sex and the City, a satiric portrait of a new south city that more than anything else just wants to be noticed. 

(Source: uptown_about the novel)